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Job Opportunities

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As the most trusted Home Health Agency, Stonewell Care, LLC is fueled by its commitment to its consumers. At Stonewell Care, LLC, we stand behind our values and are always looking to hire motivated individuals to join our team. As a Stonewell Care, LLC employee, you will benefit from a thorough orientation and training course and will learn new techniques to help you cater to the home medical care requests of all types of consumers. Contact us today and join our growing team.

Employment: Employment


A CNA provides great patient care for the consumers. CNAs provide physical support for patients or residents with daily activities and personal hygiene, including bathing,​ etc. 


The home health aide provides personal care and related services in the home.  She/he functions under the direction, instruction, and supervision of the staff nurse and the Director of Nursing and/or appropriate supervisor.

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The homemaker is a paraprofessional, trained to provide home maintenance services in the home for Participants under the direct supervision of a qualified supervisor. Homemaking services include household services essential to the Participant’s health and wellbeing, and provision of and instruction of reporting changes in the Participant’s situation.

Personal Care Aides (PCA)

Personal care aides, also known as caregivers, personal attendants, or companions, assist with the daily tasks of elderly, mentally disabled, chronically ill, or physically challenged clients, as well as hospice patients and those in various stages of rehabilitation or recovery. Aides will work at clients' homes. Will be assigned to one specific client. Shifts can vary.

Registered Nurse

A professional nurse currently licensed in MA, who provides professional services within the scope of nursing practice standards in collaboration with primary care physicians, teaches and educates Participants and their families.

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